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International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy (IJEEP) is the international academic journal, and is a double-blind, peer-reviewed academic journal publishing high quality conceptual and measure development articles in the areas of energy economics, energy policy and related disciplines.

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MEDREG ENERGY FORUM - Mediterranean Forum on Energy Regulation


MEDREG, the only association representing independent public authorities in the electricity and gas sector, launches the first edition of this Forum dedicated to "Regulation & Investments: Solutions for the Mediterranean Region” to be held on 26 November 2014 in Barcelona (Spain). 

The Forum will be the occasion to review the current state of thinking on the relationship between energy regulation and investments, to identify the main challenges and risks and see how they can be addressed both at regional and sub-regional level. The expected outcomes are concrete and practical proposals for energy regulation in the Mediterranean. 

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Posted: 2014-07-11



The main aim of ICBEEES 2014 to provide productive opportunities for academics and practitioners from interdisciplinary fields of Business, Economics and Environmental Sciences to meet, share and take away expertise and ideas in related disciplines. The conference will bring together leading researchers and economists in the domain of interest around the globe. ICBEEES 2014 offers interdisciplinary themes of quality R&D topical developments from potential contributors and experts and provides an opportunity to bring in the new techniques and horizons that will contribute to businesses, environment and economy.

The ICBEEES 2014 will take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, between 19-21 September, 2014. 

Conference website: 

Posted: 2014-03-13
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Vol 4, No 4 (2014)

Table of Contents


Electricity Demand in a Northern Mexico Metropolitan Economy PDF
Thomas M. Fullerton, Ericka C. Méndez-Carrillo, Adam G. Walke 495-505
Energy Integration in European Power Sector PDF
Wadim Strielkowski, Michal Mirvald, Michael Pedersen 506-515
Changing Patterns of Electricity Usage in European Manufacturing: A Decomposition Analysis PDF
Lars Wenzel, André Wolf 516-530
Investigating the Causal Relationship between Fossil Fuels Consumption and Economic Growth at Aggregate and Disaggregate Levels in Saudi Arabia PDF
Atef Saad Alshehry, Mounir Belloumi 531-545
A Panel VAR Approach of the Relationship among Economic Growth, CO2 Emissions, and Energy Use in the ASEAN-6 Countries PDF
Cosimo Magazzino 546-553
Investing in PV Systems utilizing Savings from Building Envelop Replacement by Sustainable Local Material: A Case Study in Lebanese Inland Region PDF
Raghid Farhat, Nesreen K. Ghaddar, Kamel Ghali 554-567
Convergence in Per Capita Energy Consumption among African Countries: Evidence from Sequential Panel Selection Method PDF
Emmanuel Anoruo, William R. DiPietro 568-577
Renewable Energy and Economic Growth: Evidence from the Sign of Panel Long-Run Causality PDF
Nicholas Apergis, Dan Constantin Danuletiu 578-587
U.S. Electrical System Reliability: Deregulated Retail Choice States’ Evidence and Market Modeling PDF
Eric L. Prentis 588-598
From the Restructuring of the Power Sector to Diversification of Renewable Energy Sources: Preconditions for Efficient and Sustainable Electricity Market PDF
Ljerka Cerović, Dario Maradin, Saša Čegar 599-609
Triangular Relationship between Energy Consumption, Price Index and National Income in Asian Countries: A Pooled Mean Group Approach in Presence of Structural Breaks PDF
Bilal Mehmood, Syed Hassan Raza, Mahwish Rana, Huma Sohaib, Muhammad Azhar Khan 610-620
The Nexus between Electricity Consumption and Economic Growth: New Insights from Meta-Analysis PDF
Jamal BOUOIYOUR, Refk SELMI, Ilhan OZTURK 621-635
A Descriptive Analysis of Public Understanding and Attitudes of Renewable Energy Resources towards Energy Access and Development in Nigeria PDF
Yusuf Opeyemi Akinwale, Ibikunle Olalekan Ogundari, Oluwatosin Eniola Ilevbare, Adeyemi Oluwaseun Adepoju 636-646
Environmental Effects and Externalities from the Transport Sector and Sustainable Transportation Planning – A Review PDF
Vassilios A. Profillidis, George N. Botzoris, Athanasios T. Galanis 647-661
Oil Price Pass-Through into Domestic Inflation: The Case of Iran PDF
Abbas Ali Abounoori, Rafik Nazarian, Ashkan Amiri 662-669
Some Evidence on the Asymmetry between Gasoline and Crude Oil Prices in Selected Countries PDF
Andre Assis de Salles 670-678
Impacts of Oil Foreign Direct Investment on Environment and Poverty Level in Niger Delta Oil Producing Region: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach PDF
Salami Dada Kareem, David Mautin Oke, Daskareem Vera Enoho, Oladipo Kolapo Sakiru, Babajide David Adesina 679-692
Economic Evaluation of Climate Protection Measures in Germany PDF
Christian Lutz, Ulrike Lehr, Philip Ulrich 693-705
Relationship among Foreign Direct Investment, Economic Growth and CO2 Emission: A Panel Data Analysis PDF
Mohd Shahidan Shaari, Nor Ermawati Hussain, Hussin Abdullah, Syahida Kamil 706-715
Analysis of the Energy Market Operator Activity in Eight European Countries PDF
France Križanič, Zan Jan Oplotnik 716-725
Structural Breaks and Causality Relationship between Economic Growth and Energy Consumption in Saudi Arabia PDF
Waheed A. Banafea 726-734
International Energy Security Indicators and Turkey’s Energy Security Risk Score PDF
Gelengul Kocaslan 735-743
Electricity Price Forecast: a Comparison of Different Models to Evaluate the Single National Price in the Italian Energy Exchange Market PDF
Andrea Cervone, Ezio Santini, Sabrina Teodori, Donatella Zaccagnini Romito 744-758
Strategic Alliance in Energy Sector & Implications for Economic Growth and Technical Efficiency: The Case of Petrobras and Galp PDF
Jomar Patricia De Avila Arroyo, Milton Yago, Muhammad Ali Nasir, Junjie Wu 759-771
Economical Considerations on CCS System for Geological Uncertainty and Injection Failure PDF
Haruhiro Suzuki, Amin Yousefi-Sahzabi, Yuichi Sugai, Hossein Yousefi, Kyuro Sasaki 772-784

ISSN: 2146-4553