Assessing Sustainable Manufacturing Practices and Sustainability Performance Among Oil and Gas Industry in Iraq

Yousif Munadhil Ibrahim, Norsiah Hami, Susan Sabah Abdulameer


The companies’ interest in the level of their sustainable manufacturing practices (SMPs) has become necessary. This is because of its role in improving and balancing dimensions of sustainability performance (SP) which includes environmental sustainability (EnS), social sustainability (SoS) and economic sustainability (EcS). Therefore, the objective of the present study is the investigate about the extent of SMPs and SP to encourage the oil and gas industry (O&GI) in the context of Iraq to obtain a balance in the dimensions of SP, i.e. EcS, EnS and SoS. The data collected from 80 companies were analysed using descriptive statistics method by using SPSS version 25. The results revealed that the extent of the four SMPs and the three dimensions of SP in companies were implemented at a slight level. These results imply that although SMPs have become a required necessity expected from all industries, and companies should prefer to implement them, there is still needed to more efforts in implementation of SMPs among the O&GI to achieve a balance in the dimensions of SP.

Keywords: Sustainable Manufacturing Practices, Sustainability Performance , Oil and Gas Industry

JEL Classifications: Q52, Q56, Q58, Q380


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