Development of the Methodological Approach to the Assessment of the Innovation Position of Oil and Gas Machine-building Enterprises in the Market

Miroslava Gennadevna Glukhova, Aleksandr Andreevich Zubarev


Oil and gas machine building plays a significant role in the development of the Russian oil and gas sector. The innovation position of the oil and gas machine-building enterprises depends on the conditions for the development of the external and internal market and the existing potential of enterprises. The development of innovation programs for the production of new equipment and technology is substantiated by the companies’ market strategy and target indicators for the implementation of innovation projects. The article analyzes methodological approaches to the assessment of the innovation potential of enterprises and the innovation climate and identifies their main strengths and weaknesses. The authors substantiate the use of a comprehensive methodological approach to the assessment of the innovation position of the oil and gas machine-building enterprise. The system of estimated indicators of the innovation position of one of the largest Russian oil and gas machine-building enterprises in three areas is presented: level of competitiveness, state of the external environment, and innovation potential. The key indicators of innovation-driven growth of the enterprise are substantiated, and the efficiency of innovation investment projects is estimated. The program of the innovation-driven growth of the oil and gas machine-building enterprise is developed and the forecast indicators of economic efficiency of its implementation are defined. The use of the comprehensive system of assessing the innovation position of enterprises allows to formulate the justified areas of development of their innovation potential in the market. Making informed decisions on the implementation of the innovation program in the context of a highly competitive target market will ensure the efficient development of the enterprise and increase the production potential of oil and gas producing companies.

Keywords: innovation potential, innovation climate, innovation position, oil and gas machine building, program of the innovation-driven growth.

JEL Classifications: O30, O31, O32

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