Economic Appraisal of the Program of Diagnostics of Main Gas Pipelines


  • Miroslava Gennadevna Glukhova
  • Aleksandr Andreevich Zubarev


The content of the article is aimed at economically expedient resolution of the problem of industrial and environmental safety of operation of the existing gas pipelines: it provides a brief description of the gas transportation system of Russia, highlights the importance of safety and reliability of pipeline transportation for the economic stability of the industry and energy security of the country, demonstrates economic impacts of accidents on the main gas and oil pipelines. It highlights the role of the system of diagnostic maintenance of the linear part of main gas pipelines in the seamless goods transportation and planning of repair and renewal operations, identifies the drawbacks of the procedures of diagnostic measures used in practice and methods of economic justification of diagnostic works. A method of an economic substantiation of the sequence of the shutdown of objects of main gas pipelines in diagnostics is proposed, based on the use of the method of hierarchy analysis in the assessment of the factors of efficiency and cost of diagnostics; the methodological basis for calculating the basic cost parameters of diagnostic studies and the possible damages caused by failure to identify accident-prone areas is presented. An adjustment of the conceptual and logical model to form the program of integrated diagnostics considering the criteria of minimizing the emergency risks and with reduction in the cost of emergency response and restoration operations is proposed. Scheduling the sequence of shutdown of objects of main gas pipelines in diagnostics is based on ranking the objects by recommended criteria using a hierarchy method – a pairwise comparison of project elements by their impact on a characteristic which is common for them. This article provides an excerpt from calculation of the program of diagnostic works on linear parts of main gas pipelines, forecast of adjustment of the sequence of shutdown of linear parts to repair and change in repair funding. The dynamics of the specific frequencies of emergency stops and costs of their removal at the expense of the adjusted program of diagnostic works is presented.

Keywords: reliability of pipeline transportation, diagnostics, funding of diagnostics, economic appraisal of diagnostics efficiency.

JEL Classifications: L95, D92, C13


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