Quality Seekers as Moderating Effects between Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in Airline Industry

Harith Yas Khudhair, Ahmad Jusoh, Abbas Mardani, Khalil Md. Nor


The following research paper examines the impact that quality seeker have on the quality of services offered by an airline. Service quality has been determined to influence customer satisfaction. This study therefore looks into the role of quality seekers in influencing quality of services and customer satisfaction. The study was based on a scoping review of the existent literature. Scholarly articles provide convincing arguments for the relationship between quality of services and customer satisfaction. However, customer satisfaction varies from one customer to another. There is a gap in the research regarding different categories of customers and how they moderate the relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction. Quality seekers are a category of customers who are not influenced by prices. Rather, their focus is on the quality of services and products offered. They seek out information on all available options but choose the one which best meets their expectations in terms of quality. This paper analyses the influence of quality seekers on the level of quality of services offered, and the resultant effect on customer satisfaction.

Keywords: Service Quality; Customer satisfaction; Quality seekers; Airline.

JEL Classifications: L15, M1

DOI: https://doi.org/10.32479/irmm.8144

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