Venture Financing and the Fuel and Energy Complex: Investing in Alternative Energy

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  • Arslan Kulanov
  • Assiya Issakhova
  • Olga Koshkina
  • Parida Issakhova
  • Alma Karshalova


The purpose of this paper is to study the main features and trends of venture investment in renewable energy. The study is based on both quantitative and qualitative indicators of the development of venture financing in the fuel and energy complex through the prism of opinions of the main participants in this market. The data obtained during the expert survey is supplemented by supporting materials, including those taken from sources, such as EnergyTech, CB Insights, PwC, and Bloomberg, as well as information posted on the Internet portals of companies and other freely available sources. The study of expert opinions has revealed the main barriers and factors that favorably affect the growth of venture investments in alternative energy. In the interview, the authors have identified priority measures to attract venture capital to renewable energy projects, stimulating the flow of free capital for innovative startups and increasing the quantity and quality of high-tech energy projects. Moreover, the paper reviews effective mechanisms for attracting investments in renewable energy sources and their experience in applying countries with a developed venture capital market.Keywords: venture capital, renewable energy sources, investments, venture financing, startups, energy technologies, innovations.JEL Classifications: Q40, Q43, Q48.DOI:


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Kulanov, A., Issakhova, A., Koshkina, O., Issakhova, P., & Karshalova, A. (2020). Venture Financing and the Fuel and Energy Complex: Investing in Alternative Energy. International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy, 10(5), 531–538. Retrieved from