The Influence of Fiscal Progress on Energy Consumption in Kazakhstan

Azamat Zhanseitov, Gulnur Raikhanova, Sagynysh Mambetova, Serik Daribekov, Yerbolsyn Akbayev


Among the strategic goals of the European Union (EU) is to upsurge the consumption of green energy in its member states, bringing together financing, technological, and innovations around customer engagement. Most researchers have been conducted around the green economy in Kazakhstan, but petite examination has been done on the influence of the fiscal sector on renewable consumption of energy. This research paper centers on the link between energy usage, economic progress, fiscal expansion, and energy prices in Kazakhstan using the Vector Error Correction Model Technique. The valuation results revealed a positive and substantial influence on economic and financial development on the consumption of energy. Prices of energy represented by the Consumer Price Index had an indirect influence on the consumption of energy. These two analyses are in tandem with theoretical findings and expectations. Further, the findings depict that a percentage increase in fiscal and economic growth leads to increased energy usage by 0.11% and 0.39%, respectively. 

Keywords: financial development, economic progress, energy consumption, renewable energy

JEL Classifications: Q16, 016, 044


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