Macro Economics of Virtual Power Plant for Rural Areas of Botswana

Sampath Kumar Venkatachary, Jagdish Prasad, Ravi Samikannu, Annamalai Alagappan, Leo John Baptist, Raymon Antony Raj


The growth of renewable energy technologies as an alternative source of power is a great boon to the rural masses where energy is predominantly a challenge. This paper focuses on studying the microeconomic benefits of the virtual power plant as a solution to the rural masses who either have no access to energy or has limited access. The model here uses HOMER as a tool for modelling the design. The simulation results discuss the profitability of the virtual power plant as a solution not only to the virtual power plant operator but also to the rural households while ensuring a sustainable income source with the use of solar power PV as a generator.

Keywords: Virtual Power Plant; Levilised cost; Annualised Cost;
JEL Classifications: D0, E0, Q4


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