Hydrogen Production from H2SO4 Cycle, and Solar Parabolic Trough Collector System in City of Tamanrasset.

Chawki Ameur Menad, R. Gomri


Covering the energy demands for the future generation under Algerian climate became a strong debate in the last three years, especially after oil crisis. One of the solutions is exploiting solar energy due to the solar irradiation availability in the country. Application of this renewable energy resource is used to produce electricity through photovoltaic panels in different zones of Algeria. However, exploiting thermal solar energy is considered one of the most important existing technologies to produce green energy sources such as hydrogen. This paper is focusing in coupling between solar parabolic trough collector systems, with H2SO4 thermo-chemical cycle to produce Hydrogen. Both seasonally and annually, of solar irradiation have been taken from different positions in city of Tamanrasset which is located in south of Algeria. The obtained results explain the possibility to produce hydrogen from H2SO4 thermo-chemical cycle through thermal solar energy, with considerable efficiency instead using nuclear energy.

Keywords: solar energy, hydrogen production, H2SO4 cycle, Tamenrraset.

JEL Classifications: Q42, Q43

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