Electric Power Supply Subsystem and its Role in Solving Production System Management and Planning Issues



The relevance of the study is determined by the increasing role of prognostic models in the production system management and rising influence of the electric energy due to the high intensity of energy productions and growing price of the electric power. The objective of the work is to make provisions for the influence of electric power supply system on the process of planning and managing the production factors against time factor. The methods employed in the research are methods of wording and solving industrial engineering problems as the optimal control ones; algorithms and methods based on constraint equations. The paper discusses the questions of building the prognostic models for control and planning problems in production systems with time factors taken into account. As a result of the research it has been demonstrated that the influence of various factors on production system management processes can be perceived in an integrated way and the industrial electrical system has a sizeable effect on the production process. The importance of the study is demonstrated by finding the possibility to solve the control and planning problems with the integral influence of subsystems of the production system using industrial electric power supply system as an example. This allows enhancing the coherence of managerial decisions being made.

Keywords: operation research; simulation model; production system; electric power supply system; control parameters; decision-making support

JEL Classifications: Q40, Q41, Q42


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