System Aspects of Fuel and Energy Balance Formation


  • Irina Vladimirovna Osinovskaya


This article reveals the importance of the fuel and energy balance (FEB) for ensuring the country's energy security. The role of the fuel and energy complex in the Russian economy is shown. FEB is considered as a possible efficient tool for managing the development of the fuel and energy complex (FEC) and, as a consequence, ensuring the country's energy security. The necessity to develop the methodological foundations of the FEB formation is substantiated. Proposals have been made concerning the expediency of building the process of forming the FEB on the basis of systemic contours. The author's interpretation of the term "systemic contour" is disclosed in the context of solving the issues on the formation of FEB. It is proposed to single out several major systemic outlines that reflect the situation of the world's energy and political systems, the social, economic, political and energy systems of the country, as well as in the FEC and other subsystems. Particular attention is paid to the issues of information support for the formation of FEB, taking into account the spatial coverage of the subsystems included in the consolidated FEB of the country. The need for attention on the part of the state to address the issue of forming unified information and analytical space and an early warning system is underlined. The emphasis is placed on the fact that it is these information systems that will allow timely monitoring of the changes in the subsystems of the FEC, and also taking appropriate proactive measures to stabilize the situation in the short and long term.

Keywords: fuel and energy balance, complex, formation, system, state, information, strategy, energy security.

JEL Classifications: L10, L94, L71


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