Modelling Inflation Dynamics and Global Oil Price Shocks in OAPEC Countries: TVP-VAR

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  • Marwa Elsherif Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt



Inflation, Oil Price Shocks, TVP-VAR Model, Markov-Switching, OAPEC


This paper aims to examine the dynamic pass-through effect of oil price shocks on inflation in OAPEC countries using quarterly data ranging from 1990:Q1 to 2022:Q4. The incorporation of the TVP-VAR model along with the Markov Chain Monte Carlo method with stochastic volatility estimation offers a robust framework for capturing the time-varying nature of the relationship. Additionally, the analysis of the Impulse Response Function provides valuable insights into the short-term and long-term dynamics following oil price shocks. The results demonstrate a significant positive pass-through effect of oil prices on inflation in the sample member states, with heterogeneous magnitude and persistence. These variations are attributed to diversity in oil dependency, exchange rate regimes, monetary policy frameworks and the degree of openness to global markets. The study suggests the need for effective inflation management strategies and appropriate policy responses to oil price fluctuations. Furthermore, policymakers may consider adjusting exchange rates, interest rates, or trade policies to manage inflationary pressures effectively.


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Elsherif, M. (2024). Modelling Inflation Dynamics and Global Oil Price Shocks in OAPEC Countries: TVP-VAR. International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy, 14(3), 51–69.