Assessment of the Impact of Managing Large Energy-Using Users on National Energy Efficiency of Vietnam

Nguyen Dat Minh, Duong Trung Kien


Viet Nam continues to experience high economic growth compared to regional and global economies. The average gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate reached approximately 6.8 % from 2016 to present. This economic growth, in combination with urbanization and rapid population growth, has boosted demand for energy in general and electricity in particular. The Government of Viet Nam is well aware that it needs to balance the need for increasing energy supply for socio-economic growth with ensuring energy security and environmental protection. This paper reviews the assessment of the impact of managing the large-energy-users on national energy efficiency and more coherent and consistent national-level regulatory framework contributing to low carbon policy for the Vietnam industry. From the scenario assessment, this paper indicated significant potential for improving the scope of managing the large-scale enterprises on improved compliance for energy efficiency to achieve the target of energy security and sustainable development for Vietnam.

Keywords: Energy Efficiency, Energy Policy, Large Energy User, Vietnam Industry.

JEL Classifications: L5, P18, Q43, Q47, Q48


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