Equity and Renewable Energy: An Analysis in Residential Users in the Department of Atlántico-Colombia

John William Grimaldo Guerrero, Carlos Jimenez Rios, Lony Muñoz del Villar, Elio Gomez Carreño, Jorge Bolaño Turyol


Sustainable development has its complexity in seeking a balance between the three dimensions, renewable energies require an economic investment and are friendly to the environment; but due to socioeconomic differences, access and widespread use may be limited. Colombia has a subsidy mechanism according to socioeconomic strata, where the lower strata receive a reduction in the price of energy by a set amount of kWh, while the upper strata contribute a 20% of the final price. This research performs an economic evaluation due to the investment made in a photovoltaic system, considering socioeconomic factors; The results will make it possible to identify factors that affect equity and access to these technologies.

Keywords: Energy policy, Barriers, Equity, Renewable energy.

JEL Classifications: K29, Q48

DOI: https://doi.org/10.32479/ijeep.11092

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