Development and Challenges for the Functioning of the Renewable Energy Prosumer in Poland: A Legal Perspective

Dawid Stadniczeńko


The study centers around one of the principal challenges of the Polish economy - the development of prosumer renewable energy sources. Poland has the biggest portion of coal inconclusive energy utilization. The development of renewable energy sources is the main test even with environmental protection challenges and EU pressure. Right now, Poland data are taken from World Development Indicators (WDI) of Prosumer renewable energy, nonrenewable energy, economic growth and analyze the effect of prosumer renewable energy under the EKC hypothesis. ARDL applied to evaluate the effect of prosumer renewable energy and economic growth on carbon emission and Results demonstrate that prosumer renewable energy has a huge negative effect on Poland's condition which implies it is valuable for Poland's Economy and furthermore there exists the EKC hypothesis. Besides, economic growth has a beneficial outcome condition in start later it negatively which results in healthy environments. In this way, the Polish Govt. received Prosumer renewable energy sources and environmentally well-disposed innovations at each phase of the creation procedure is significant for improving the environment.

Keywords: Polish Economy, Prosumer Renewable Energy, Energy Consumption, EKC Hypothesis

JEL Classifications: Q2, K32


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