Prospects and Challenges of Energy Cooperation between Russia and South Korea

Anton Lisin


In the past, cooperation between South Korea and the Russian Federation had been hindered by predominantly political factors. The implementation of energy resource projects was not viable due to tensions on the Korean peninsula and Russia’s capabilities were limited due to sanctions against it. While projects had been fulfilled, enough of them had been left on paper, so there is hesitation in developing new strategies. But that is history. Both countries have shown interest in forming a partnership from which they can benefit. Changes in the political situation have opened a window for many new opportunities. This manuscript examines and analyzes the development of interrelations between Russia and South Korea and gives a valuation of the prospects of cooperation in the short and medium term.

Keywords: Energy Sources, South Korea Energy Policy, Resource Saving, Economic Development, Energy Cooperation.

JEL Classifications: C30, D12, Q41, Q48


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