Energy System Structure in Russian Arctic: Coal Production Forecast

Xenia Tabachkova, Sergey Prosekov, Natalia Sokolinskaya


The article characterizes the electric power industry in the Arctic regions of Russia. The regions of the eastern zone of the Russian Arctic differ significantly in terms of centralization of power supply. Centralized electricity supply in this territory is represented by only a few isolated functioning energy centers: Norilsk in the north of Krasnoyarsk Territory, Chaun-Bilibinsky, Anadyrsky and Egvekinotsky in the Chukotka Autonomous Region. The Arctic and northern regions of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) are completely located in the decentralized power supply zone. The paper provides a comparative study of energy system structure. The summary of results obtained the key areas of power generation diversification.

Keywords: isolated energy systems, generated power supplies, cogeneration, nuclear energy plants, wind energy plants, solar energy plants.

JEL Classifications: C30, D12, Q41, Q48


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