New World Energy Order: The Obstacles to the Golden Age of American Energy Dominance

Vahe Davtyan


The article explores the peculiarities of US energy policy at the present stage with the definition of its main geopolitical consequences. The basic economic prerequisites for implementing the energy strategy, identified by President D. Trump as “the golden age of American energy dominance”, are studied. In this regard, the US energy resources and infrastructure are assessed. The degree of influence of US energy policy on the foreign policy agenda (US-Russia, US-EU, US-Ukraine, US-China, US-Persian Gulf) are identified.  It is revealed, that the actualization of the "shale revolution" and constant growth of oil production will inevitably lead to the energy independence of the US from the OPEC and also affect the oil prices in world markets.

Keywords: US; Energy Policy; Oil and gas supply; Oil prices; Shale revolution; Geopolitics.

JEL Classifications: F02; F50; L95; N70; Q35; Q48.

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