Oil Tax, Subsidies and Extended Producer Responsibility in the Used Oil Market

Asunción Arner Güerre


The Spanish used oil market has evolved largely in response to regulation and the application of economic incentives as subsidies or tax exemptions for the recovery and re-refining of used oils. Since 2006, extended producer responsibility (EPR) has been applied to the used oil market by an integrated management system (namely, SIGAUS). This study aims to examine the regulation from the 1960s to the present from the perspective of the funding regimen for used oil management. In addition, this study also analyzed the Spanish used oil market based on the evolution of the recovery rates of used oils and the re-refined lubricating oil regarding oil lubricant consumption. In turn, EPR assumes a stable financial system for used oil management. Currently, EPR serves for a new funding mechanism indexed to the international quotation of lubricants.

Keywords: used oils, oil tax, subsidies, extended producer responsibility, funding

JEL Classifications: H21, Q35, Q48

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