Typifying the Demand for Rural Electrification: An Empirical Analysis for the Mesoregions of Minas Gerais State, Brazil

Lívia Aladim Matosinhos, Marco Aurélio Marques Ferreira, Ana Paula Teixeira de Campos


The study proposed to analyze the different types of rural electrification demand existing in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, considering the period between the years 2000 to 2010. The work is based on the aegis of the theory proposed by Ranganathan (1993), in which are highlighted four possible roles that the electrification exercises in the life of its applicants. The multivariate analysis of Cluster was applied, in order to divide the municipalities of Minas Gerais in terms of selected characteristics, focusing on socioeconomic issues. Among the main findings, we highlight the great heterogeneity of Minas Gerais municipalities  regarding the socioeconomic characteristics analyzed, confirming the multiple faces of the possible benefits of electrification on the life of rural population. In addition, this great diversity could lead to the elaboration of local development policies, considering the provision of electricity and regional specificities.

Keywords: Rural electrification, Cluster analysis, Rural development.

JEL Classifications: H41, H53, I38, O13, O18

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