Design of Biogas Production using Wastewater from Industrial Plants: Financial Analysis of Various Feed-in-tariff Remunerations in Thailand

Kamolwan Deeswasmongkol, Naraphorn Haphuriwat Paoprasert


In this study, we provide a sample conceptual design and explanation of existing biogas plants that can be attached to various kinds of plants that release wastewater with suitable amounts of COD. Financial information was collected and analysed in terms of investment costs, operational costs and historical data of electricity generation from biogas. The results show that in order to promote biogas business in Thailand, the government should provide FiT remuneration of 5 baht per kilowatt hour when contract capacity is 0.02-2 MW. When contract capacity is increased to greater than 2 MW, but less than 4 MW, the FiT remuneration should be reduced to 3 baht per kilowatt hour per MW to ensure profits of the investment. However, when contract capacity is greater than 4 MW, the government need not provide any FiT remuneration.

Keywords: Biogas Power Plants, Feed-In Tariff, Financial Analysis

JEL Classifications: Q28, Q48, L88

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