A Markov Switching VECM Model for Russian Real GDP, Real Exchange Rate and Oil Prices

Andrey Feliksovich Bedin, Alexander Vladimirovich Kulikov, Andrey Vladimirovich Polbin


This paper considers an application of the Markov switching vector error correction model to the analysis of the long-run and the short-run dependence of Russian real GDP and real exchange on oil prices. An algorithm for estimation of the model with a priori information on a state of hidden Markov chain in some periods of time is provided. It is shown that for the period of 1999–2018 two different regimes are well defined: with a slow adjustment of real exchange rate and a sharp reaction of GDP in response to oil price shock and with a fast adjustment of real exchange rate and a slow adjustment of GDP in response to shock. We have concluded that floating ruble exchange rate is a natural stabilizer of the Russian economic activity.

Keywords: Russian economy, GDP, real exchange rate, oil prices, error correction model, Markov switching model.

JEL Classifications: С22, C51, E52, F31, F41

DOI: https://doi.org/10.32479/ijeep.10667

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