The Impact of Social Media Marketing on Brand Equity: A Study of Fashion-Wear Retail in Sri Lanka


  • Nisha Anupama Jayasuriya Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology
  • S.M. Ferdous Azam Management & Science University


Appreciating the massive popularity of Facebook worldwide the purpose of this study was identifying the Facebook marketing activities that have impact on brand equity and studying the relative importance of each activity on brand equity creation. This paper reviews the literature on social media marketing, paying particular attention on Facebook marketing functions and its relationship with brand equity. Despite the popularity of social media, there are no adequate studies testing the relationship between social media marketing and brand equity until the last decade (Veloutsou,Cleopatra; Moutinho, 2009), still the dearth of empirical findings accelerates the scarcity of research in this area. In Asia Pacific region context, there is hardly any research on finding the relationship between FM and BE (Ahmed & Ibrahim, (2017), Ramsaran-Fowdar & Fowdar, (2013). This study brings together the brand management literature and the social media theory in a business context. In doing so, this study offer a new structured model based on theory that would enhance the knowledge on the relationship between Facebook marketing and brand equity. Considering the popularity of social media, this research will be limited for Facebook platform and future researcher can conduct the same research of all the leading social networking sites such as Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.

Keywords: Social Media Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Brand Equity, Fashion-wear Industry

JEL Classifications: M31, M37


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Author Biographies

Nisha Anupama Jayasuriya, Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology

Nisha Jayasuriya is a PhD student of the Management and Science University, Malaysia, who is currently working as a Senior Lecturer in Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology, Sri Lanka. She received her Master's degrees in Business Administration from University of Colombo, Sri Lanka and Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom. Her bachelor's degree in Marketing Management Specialisation is from University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. She is interested in social media marketing, consumer behaviour and brand development.

S.M. Ferdous Azam, Management & Science University

Dr. S. M. Ferdous Azam has earned a Ph.D Degree from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), who is currently working as a Senior Lecturer in Management and Science University (MSU) Malaysia. His Doctoral research was related to the financial economics, management practice and Malaysian small and medium enterprises (SMEs). In addition, he has presented his research works in many international conferences, as well as published numerous articles in international refereed journals in the area of finance, economics, marketing, businesses and management, small and medium enterprises, e-commerce etc. Moreover, he has several years teaching experience in various subjects related to the finance, economics, management and research methodology in three different universities.




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