Evolution of Management Theory within 20 Century: A Systemic Overview of Paradigm Shifts in Management


  • Sasan Torabzadeh Khorasani Texas Tech University
  • Maryam Almasifard


Significant progress in civilization of human being has been made over 20century. Advance technology; globalization and revolution of communication are the main outcomes of this development. However, it is obvious that these achievements have been significantly influenced by evolution of management theories. The paradigm shift from classical management to modern management can be clustered into several phases. This paper presents an overview of evolution of management theory within 20 century, and provides an analogy of the notion of Kuhn's scientific paradigm in terms of management theory evolution. Moreover, the Intersections of management with other sciences or Medici effect that have been occurred in this area (Johansson, 2004) will be discussed in this article.

Keywords: Management Theory, Paradigm shift, Kuhn, Medici effect

JEL Classification: B15


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Author Biography

Sasan Torabzadeh Khorasani, Texas Tech University

Sasan T Khorasani is a PhD Student and Graduate Part Time Instructor in Department of Industrial engineering at Texas Tech University. He received his Master's degree in Engineering Management from University of Politecnico di Milano. He also worked in a design-driven innovation project which was conducted by Politecnico di Milano and Cranfield University. He worked as a project manager at Bema Ettikettiertechnik GmbH (Etipack Global Network).




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