Consumers' Behavior in the Travel Services Markets of Asia-Pacific Region


  • Irina Matveevna Romanova
  • Elena Viktorovna Noskova


The article states that the relevance of cross-cultural researches increases in the globalization period. The methods for assessing the impact of different cross-cultural characteristics on consumers' behavior on B2C (business-to-consumer) markets has not been developed so far yet. The purpose of this research is to develop  the method  for assessing the impact of cross-cultural characteristics  on consumers' behavior on the travel services market of the Asian-Pacific Region countries.  The culture model, including cultural values, material and social environment components, has been developed. The features of the culture model formation and building were identified during the process of the research taking into account the travel services market specificity. The results of the developed method  evaluation were demonstrated in terms of some Asia-Pacific Region countries (China, Russia, South Korea, Japan).The novelty of the research is the development of  methodical  tools for assessing the culture model impact on consumers' behavior on the travel services market (contingency matrix). The developed  procedural guidelines  can be applied to assess the impact of cross-cultural features on the  consumers'  behavior on the B2C markets.

Keywords: Cross-Culture; Consumers' Behavior; Methodology; Travel Services Market; Culture Model.

JEL Classifications: L83, F69, M39.


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