The Mechanism of Industrial Educational Clusters Creation as Managerial Entities of Vocational Education

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  • Alexander N. Lunev
  • Rais S. Safin
  • Evgeny A. Korchagin
  • Damir K. Sharafutdinov
  • Tatyana V. Suchkova
  • Lubov V. Kurzaeva
  • Svetlana R. Nikishina
  • Natalia A. NatalKuznetsova


The relevance of the paper is conditioned by the increasing role of vocational education in the regional economy. In modern conditions vocational education is regarded as a system of integrative interaction of education, science and industry, aimed at the development of a specialist ready for the life-long learning, capable to a certain type of professional activities, self-organization and competitiveness on the labor market. The aim of the paper is to develop the mechanism of branch educational clusters' creation as the entities of vocational education's management. The leading method is the method of action research (AR), allowing to obtain new knowledge about vocational education's management and to propose mechanisms for its optimization to obtain qualitatively new results of vocational training process. The article defines the essence of an industrial educational cluster as a set of vocational educational institutions, united by industrial features and partnerships with industrial enterprises; presents the mechanisms of interaction between labor market and vocational education; describes the mechanism of educational clusters' formation on the basis of vertical integration of educational institutions; reveals the mechanism of industrial educational clusters' formation on the basis of social partnership of the manufacture and vocational educational institutions. The paper submissions can be useful for scientific and pedagogical staff of vocational educational system, specialists of educational managerial bodies and regional authorities.Keywords: Management of Vocational Education, Educational Cluster, Social Partnership, Industry.JEL Classifications: I21, I25, I28


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Lunev, A. N., Safin, R. S., Korchagin, E. A., Sharafutdinov, D. K., Suchkova, T. V., Kurzaeva, L. V., Nikishina, S. R., & NatalKuznetsova, N. A. (2016). The Mechanism of Industrial Educational Clusters Creation as Managerial Entities of Vocational Education. International Review of Management and Marketing, 6(2S), 166–171. Retrieved from

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