Development of Teaching Staff Members' Corporate Competitiveness: Research of Effectiveness


  • Nina A. Ivanenko
  • Maya R. Ziganshina
  • Tatyana V. Levchenkova
  • Sardana I. Kolodeznikova
  • Svetlana G. Ushkanova
  • Ulyana P. Buldakova
  • Aygul A. Garipova
  • Nailya S. Valeyeva


The article proposes the examination of educational and methodical support effectiveness aimed to improve teachers' research competence and organization of mentoring in a college as mechanisms of successful teaching staff members' corporate competitive development. The leading methods applied in the research were: content analysis, method of expert evaluations, diagnostic techniques, pedagogical experiment in which 72 teachers and 212 students took part. The article gives a comprehensive account of features characterizing teachers' educational and methodical support: strengthening of their motivation for self-education; integration of teachers' training and research activity; increase of teachers' printing activity in journals indexed by international quotation and analytical bases; development of self-presentation skills; formation and development of their abilities to work in team. The effectiveness of presented educational and methodical support aimed at improvement of teachers' research competence has been proved. Substantiation of mentoring system organization in a college is given; it is considered as one of systematic individual work forms of a qualified teacher to form professional knowledge, abilities and experience in the sphere of subject specialization, technique of entrants' teaching and research activity.

Keywords: Teacher's Competitiveness, Corporate Competitiveness, Teaching Staff, Mentoring.

JEL Classifications: A23, I23, I26


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Ivanenko, N. A., Ziganshina, M. R., Levchenkova, T. V., Kolodeznikova, S. I., Ushkanova, S. G., Buldakova, U. P., Garipova, A. A., & Valeyeva, N. S. (2016). Development of Teaching Staff Members’ Corporate Competitiveness: Research of Effectiveness. International Review of Management and Marketing, 6(2S), 122–126. Retrieved from

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