Self-Leadership and Empowering Leadership in a Western Balkan Context

Peter Nientied, Merita Toska


In to-day’s dynamic business world, a trend is towards more flexible organisations with enhanced autonomy and self-leadership of employees and teams. This study introduces the concepts of self-leadership and empowering leadership in the Western Balkans. The study measures employed professionals’ views of self-leadership and experienced empowering leadership. Special attention is given to possible differences in views by gender and by professionals with / without a leadership role. Two instruments are applied, the Revised Self-Leadership Questionnaire and the Empowering Leadership Survey (n=265). Subsequently interviews were conducted with 10 company directors to generate their viewpoints and experiences of self-leadership and empowering leadership. Results show correlations between self-leadership and empowering leadership and show differences between men’s and women’s reports. The study also notes that better understanding the potential of empowering leadership leading to more self-leadership demands another type of research. A discussion of the study and suggestions for future research conclude the article.

Keywords: self-leadership, empowering leadership, self-management, Western Balkans, Albania

JEL Classifications: M12, M19, M54


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