Social Media Marketing and Online Small and Medium Enterprises Performance: Perspective of Malaysian Small and Medium Enterprises

Haslinda Musa, Namirah Ab Rahim, Fadhlur Rahim Azmi, Abdul Samad Shibghatullah, Norfaridatul Akmaliah Othman


This paper aims to investigate the effectiveness of   Social   Media Marketing (SMM) practices to organizational performance, which focuses on Malaysian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Quantitative research method approach is applied to study three types of correlations: (1) brand reputation & image and online SMEs performances, (2) customer engagement and online SMEs performances, and (3) customer brand attitudes and online SMEs performances. Findings revealed  that  all  of  the  independent  variables  were  significant  and  have  moderate  relationship  to  the  online  SMEs performances. This study provided a transparent idea, which more clears on true important factors of social media marketing and online SMEs performances. The results of this study are believed would facilitate and motivate the SMEs in social media practice for marketing activities. Besides contribution to practice, the paper also contributed to the knowledge in Internet technology.

Keywords: Social Media Marketing, Brand, SME Performances

JEL Classifications: M310, L10, M310

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