State Authorities and Legal Informational Marketing in Conditions of Transition to Democratic: The Social and Cultural Aspects

Andrey Yu. Mordovtsev, Alexey Yu. Mamychev, Tatyana V. Mordovtseva, Mikhail L. Mirzorin


The article reveals the original aspects of formation of legal marketing information in the transition (transitive) public-political field. The paper studied the nature of the legal information in a broad sociocultural space, revealed its peculiarities and social importance in the modern world. For a more cost-effective transition of legal information it is necessary to conduct mass marketing of government authorities and the relevant legislation in the environment of a democratic society. In general, provisions defined herein largely explain the features of a democratic state creation in the former Soviet political and legal environment, as well as why the period of large-scale socio-political and socio-economic transformation in Russia is not yet complete.

Keywords: legal information, state authority, legal system, sociocultural experience, civil society, legitimacy, marketing, marketing transition

JEL Classifications: H10, K40, K49

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