Capital Mobility: An application of Saving-Investment Link for Tunisia.

Solarin Sakiru Adebola, Jauhari Dahalan


The paper examines the degree of capital mobility in Tunisia for 1970 to 2009 period, using Feldstein and Horioka (1980) method of savings and investment comovement. We apply ARDL bound test to assess comovement between savings and investment; and to compute the savings retention ratio with FMOLS and DOLS as complements. The results reveal low capital mobility, in contrary to Maminingi (1997) who note perfect capital immobility in Tunisia. Hence, efforts should be made by authorities in Tunisia to evolve policies that will mobilize international capital into Tunisia.

Keywords: Tunisia; Saving–investment; Cointegration; Causality

JEL Classification: C22; E21; F21

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