Inclusive Business - What It Is All About? Managing Inclusive Companies

Tea Golja, Samanta Požega


Following the challenges we face today, the inclusive business models are future business models through which the Millennium Development Goals can be fostered and strengthen. These are the models which, through their strategic orientation on inclusivity, include low income communities in their value chain. This can be done through combining variety of strategies which all have two common points – recognition of stakeholders and adjustment of the product to the target market. The paper presents the analysis of inclusive markets. Hence, the research results show the dispersion of inclusive businesses worldwide, type of the organization, sector coverage, and contribution to MDGs as well as the particular way of inclusion of low income communities in their value chain. The aim is to present how inclusive business benefits not only the low income societies, but the companies that operate in this way as well.

Keywords: Inclusive business organizations; MDGs, Inclusive business models; Base of the Pyramid strategy

JEL Classifications: M14; D23; L20; A13

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