Relationship Between Flexible Organizational Culture and Innovation Capabilities: The Moderating Effect of Rigid Organizational Culture

Marco Alberto Núñez Ramírez, Roger Alejandro Banegas Rivero, Altayra Geraldine Ozuna Beltrán, Rosalva Irma Castro Álvarez, Valeria Carolina León Ramírez


The aim of this research is to evaluate the moderating effect of rigid organizational culture on the relationship between flexible organizational culture and innovation capabilities. As empirical evidence, a sample of 103 companies from Northwest Mexico was obtained through quantitative, correlational and cross-sectional research, with a non-experimental design. Also, Pearson's correlation and stepwise regression were used to test the hypotheses of the study, which were partially proved. It was found that rigid and flexible cultures are complemented to foster the development of innovation capacities.

Keywords: organizational culture, innovation capabilities, relation, moderation. 

JEL Classifications: M140, M3

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