Examining the link between Spiritual Values at Work, Learning Orientation, Human Resources Practices and Organizational Health: An Indonesia Case Study

Ikhwan Ikhwan, Achmad Sudiro, Noermijati Noermijati, Mintarti Rahayu


The purpose of this paper is to present an in-depth analysis of the spiritual values at work(SVW) and its influence on learning orientation (LO), human resources management practices (HRP) and organizational health (OH) in the financial sector.The foundations of SVW, LO, HRP and OH were assessed using a validated questionnaire. A total of 139 branch manager from the Indonesian financial sector participated in the survey. Partial least square structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) was used to test the hypotheses.The empirical results indicate that twospiritual value dimensions were generated: the sense of community and well-being, and meaningful of work and values alignment.The results suggest that SVW is highly adapted in the financial sector, and the SVW measure was found to be a significant positive and moderate correlation with the LO, HRP and OH. Although the outcomes lend support to the extended SVW model, the results are derived based on cross-sectional and the object is limited to the financial sector. Theoretical and practical implications are discussed.

Keywords: spiritual values at work, learning orientation, HR Practices, organizational health

JEL Classifications: D23, L20, O15

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