Innovation Process Management as the Basis of Enterprise Development

Nurlan Kurmanov, Amangeldy Dogalov, Sungat Toktasynov, Assem Baktymbet, Saule Baktymbet, Assel Rakhimbekova, Aizhan Satbayeva


The purpose of this study is to examine the peculiarities and development of practical recommendations for the further improvement of management mechanisms of innovative processes in Kazakhstan. The utilized methodology: a systematic approach, comparison, a scientific abstraction, collection, analysis and synthesis of information, expertise and statistical methods. The main value of the work: the theoretical justification of the support system of activities of Kazakhstani enterprises by promoting innovative activities and development of knowledge-consumptive technologies.

Keywords: knowledge-consumptive technologies, commercialization of technologies, the demand for innovation, innovation process management.

JEL Classifications: M 13, O 32

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