Drawing the Market Achievement for Family Micro and Small Food Manufacturers in Palestine: A Qualitative Study

Issa M. H. Smirat, Mohd Noor Mohd Shariff


The mapping market set up and analysis for food process cooperatives, small and little organizations within the West Bank is a vital prep for Palestinian enterprises within the Palestine to develop the family firms’ performance. The most objective of this paper is to assist the family sector enterprises in causative to the growth of small-scale food organizations. The paper expectations purpose to supply the micro and small businesses (MS) with the required analysis in building their capability in terms of structure, development promotion and market access. The targeted population was family cooperatives and organizations that work have in food process within the geographic region. (MS) represents 14 % of all the Palestinian corporations, whereas the targeted sample was seven organizations that investigated through empirical observation exploitation the qualitative analysis methodology. The finding show that there are many shortages in terms of methods inventions and implementations, promoting systems match with procedures, policies, and diversifications with internal weaknesses and external threats that effects the corporations skills to survive, sustain and sustaining the performance.

Keywords: Market Plan, cooperative,  Micro and Small Business

JEL Classifications: M1, M2, R1


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