Corporate Education Abroad: Social and Philosophical Analysis

Sergey I. Chernykh, Vladimir I. Parshikov


The paper analyzes the topic pushed in the Article Corporate Education in Russia, that was published in the previous issue, that is urgent because by 2010 the number of corporate universities in some Western countries, including the USA, exceeded the number of traditional higher education institutions in spite of the fact that effective operation of such higher education institution demands considerable expenses (about 1-1.5% of the organization turnover). The corporate education becomes one of the most economically advantageous directions/vectors of development of the educational system in the conditions of its globalization. The authors of the paper analyze organizational forms where corporate education was developed abroad at the beginning of the XXI century, and also its interrelation with other organizational forms of challenging educational interactions. Special attention is paid to mutual integration of electronic and corporate training. The authors consider that ICT are basic for development of corporate education. However, they should be not overestimated as there are some non-formalized things in corporate training/education. The authors also formulate the second thesis in this line of research. Current experience says that the problems concerning corporate education at the regional and global levels of its formation and development are intercrossed in many respects. And these cross points demand active philosophical reflection similarly useful to Russian and international experience of the global educational system formation.

Keywords: education, corporate education, information and communication technologies, electronic training, corporate training abroad

JEL Classifications: I21, I23, I29

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