Agro-town Development as a Technology of Life Support and Socio-economic Policy of the Country

Victoria V. Prokhorova, Elena N. Zakharova, Alexandr V. Gladilin, Alexey S. Molchan


The paper suggests an idea of agro-town (agro-territory) development in Russia be considered and a tendency of development of successful projects in this sphere be analyzed. The material uses such definitions as “agro-town”, “agro-territory”, “infrastructure”, “agro-industrial complex”. When investigating the issues concerning agro-town formation and development it is important to draw on experience of foreign countries. Creation and promotion of the project “agro-town” demands capture of young researches scientific being on agrarian technical colleges, theorists and practitioners of agribusiness and also corroboration of statutory instrument base state support. Agro-business development is an important condition for life support in the country. Agro-towns are one of the priorities of agro-business investment appeal (agro-industrial complex).

Keywords: agro-town, agro-industrial complex, socio- economic appeal, competitiveness, innovative projects of agriculture development

JEL Classifications: Q01, Q18, Q28

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