Integrated Marketing Information and Communication System: New Quality of the Communication Interaction

Georgy M. Mishulin, Alexey S. Molchan, Alexey Yu. Biryukov, Levon V. Haradzhyan


The control system of marketing functions in real time. Therefore, to reduce the degree of uncertainty and risk, the company must have reliable, correct, sufficient and timely marketing information. Market research and obtaining the necessary information allows us to assess their capabilities and determine the target market segments, which leads to the profit increase. Therefore, special employees find out what information about the market first are necessary for heads of various ranks, and design marketing information and communication systems. The marketing information and communication system includes subjects, equipment and procedures of collecting, sorting, analysis and assessment current and accurate information used in making marketing decisions. The role of marketing information system consists in definition of information needs for marketing management, its receipt and timely provision of the relevant managers. In article based on the critical analysis of concept definitions of the commercial organization marketing information system and taking into account current trends of its functioning, development and transition to the integrated marketing information and communication system is reasonable. Definition of the last is given, the principles are concretized and the algorithm of its design and introduction in business processes of the enterprise is developed.

Keywords: marketing information system, the integrated marketing information and communication system, the principles and algorithm of design and introduction

JEL Classifications: L23, M1, M31

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