Impact of Ethical Leadership on Employees’ Performance: Moderating Role of Organizational Values

Muhammad Shaukat Malik, Mustabsar Awais, Ahmad Timsal, Umer Hameed Qureshi


This study inspects the impact of ethical leadership on employees’ performance. While several studies have gazed at the efficacy of the leader as supposed by employees, this research is concerned with the effect of an ethical leadership style on the performance of employees. Employees are very significant for the organization in terms of smoothing the progress in organizational achievement. Employees are considered to be the most vital resource for achieving competitive advantage. An ethical leadership style is typified as participative where the leader shares its authority with employees. It is thus believable that an ethical leader augments the inspiration of its employees which in turn will improve employees’ performance. In addition the direct relationship between ethical leadership and employees’ performance, this research will also look into the moderating role of organizational values.

Keywords: Ethical Leadership, Employees Performance, Organizational Values

JEL Classifications: M10, M12

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