The Implementation of Trans-Disciplinary Principle in the Content of Higher School Students Humanitarian Training

Raisa I. Platonova, Vera S. Golokova, Liya I. Ammosova, Nataliya V. Barkalova, Anna V. Zorina, Natalia N. Vygodchikova, Rustam R. Turayev, Albina R. Shaidullina, Yuliya A. Chernova


This article is focuses on the scientifically-methodical substantiation of conditions of trans-disciplinary principle realization in the higher school students’ humanitarian training. The article presents the theoretical ideas of trans-disciplinary as a methodology of General cultural norms, values, universals, invariants of the scientific picture of the world, organized form of communication in many disciplines; discloses the potentialities of the implementation of trans-disciplinary principle in the content of higher school students’ humanitarian training; proposes the technology of trans-disciplinary principle implementation; defines the educational software of this process. Materials of the article are intended for the teachers of social-humanitarian disciplines and disciplines of professional cycles, the universities’ Methodists, the organizers of the educational process, attendants of qualification improvement system and teachers’ retraining courses.

Keywords: Principle of Trans-Disciplinary, Management of Education, Technology, Students.

JEL Classifications: A23, I23, I26

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