Psychological and Economical Aspects of the Competency Approach the Paradigm of Higher Education

Irina I. Ushatikova, Denis A. Klyuchnikov, Natalia R. Saenko, Irina A. Levitskaya, Elena N. Pristupa, Natalia V. Lebedeva


In the article the role of education in the modern world, contains an analysis of the psychological and economical aspects of the modern paradigm of higher education in Russia, basic education and psycho-pedagogical problems in formation of modern professionals and managers, social and psychological shape modern managers at all levels. The higher education system must address not only the direct educational objectives but also to prepare specialists capable of solving the difficult psychological and psycho-pedagogical problems in a post-industrial reality. The paper presents an analysis of the literature on the stated issues, discloses the concept of competence and expertise detailed guidelines for implementing competence-based approach in higher education.

Keywords: economic education, key competence, Psychology paradigm of education

JEL Classifications: A20, H70, I20

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