SMEs Going Global: A Comparison of the Internationalization Strategies of Publishers and Online Social Networks

Bettina Lis, Heinz-Werner Nienstedt, Patrick Proner, Gözde Yalazi, Andreas Mauch


Up to now, most research has been conducted on the internationalization strategies of large media companies and groups. But tapping new foreign markets is also relevant to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) of all media sectors. This paper therefore focuses on the internationalization strategies of different types of media SMEs. It aims at describing and comparing the motives for becoming an international player as well as the specific market selection, market entry, and market development strategies. Furthermore, it focuses on the main organizational implications. On the basis of a multiple-case design we compare two German regional newspaper publishers with two German special interest publishers and two online social business networks. Results show similarities and differences between these media sectors according to the nature of the media businesses. The cases also highlight the importance of international management skills also in the context of SMEs.

Keywords: Internationalization; SME; Media

JEL Classification: L82; M16

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