Analysis for the Implementation of the Business Process Management in Selected Turkish Enterprises

Caner Cebeci, Ebru Kol


While the demands of changed market conditions and evolving customer needs threatening the existence of the firms in the market today, it requires a fast-oriented transformation to maintain the presence. Changing institutional and environmental factors, by following closely the technological developments and innovations, give an impetus to the process of new and strategic solutions. In long term, it creates a necessity to businesses, which targets sustainable and profitable acquisitions, a unique opportunity to leave behind its competitors by making a difference for more benefits. In this sense, it is possible with the global market with innovation and dynamic alignment with market conditions and a successful integration of a holistic process management. The top target of the process orientation is to improve the quality and efficiency with the continuous improvements (Cebeci, 2009).  

Keywords: Business Process Management, implementation; Simulation, Modelling

JEL Classifications: M10; M11

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