The Impact of Natural Resources, Renewable Energy, Economic Growth on Carbon Dioxide Emission in Malaysia

Natnaporn Aeknarajindawat, Boonsri Suteerachai, Pornkul Suksod


The purpose of this article is to analyze the impact of natural resources, renewable energy, and economic growth on CO2 emission in Malaysia. Due to the increase in industrialization the state of Malaysia faces significant problems such as environmental pollution. In this study time series data has been used and the ARIMA equation has been used by the researcher in this study. The researcher collected the data from the year 1988 to 2017. The outcomes of the study suggest that natural resources and economic growth have a positive impact on CO2 emissions, while renewable energy has a negative impact on CO2 emissions. No scholar has examined the effect of natural resources, renewable resources and economic growth on CO2 emissions in Malaysia. So this study will enrich the information and literature in the context of Malaysia. Future scholars should include more variables such as non-renewable energy sources, SO2 and NOX emissions.

Keywords: CO2 Emission, Economic Growth, Renewable Energy, Natural resources, Malaysia

JEL Classifications: Q2, Q4


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