Greening of the Manufacturing Industry in the Eurasian Economic Union

Angelina A. Kolomeytseva


The main purpose of this research is to reveal the current state of the manufacturing industry in the EAEU countries in terms of environmentally sustainable development. Based on UNIDO’s experts - Jaime Moll de Alba and Valentin Todorov’s methodology of a composite green industrial performance index (GIP), we rank and analyse the industrial performance of the EAEU countries. Finally, we use correlation analysis to compare the GIP scores with UNIDO’s competitive industrial performance index (CIP) and conclude that the progress in the greening of the manufacturing industry will contribute to the improving the industrial competitiveness of the EAEU countries.

Keywords: green manufacturing, industrial production, EAEU, CO2 emissions, industrial competitiveness.

JEL Classifications: L60, Q01


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