Energy-Conservation Considerations Through a Novel Integration of Sunspace and Solar Chimney in The Terraced Rural Dwellings

Ahmad Taghdisi, Yousof Ghanbari, Mohammad Eskandari


In the present study, a novel passive solar system— a designed sunspace in combination with solar chimney (SS)—is implied to work out the concerns of energy requirement in the terraced rural dwellings of Iran. Renewable plans for heating need to be implemented before regarding mechanical facilities. Due to the southern orientation of most rural homes moreover, dwelling slope it is likely to use sunlight in most hours of the day. Hence, the SS system with an area of 4 m2 on the southern side of the building is considered. The simulation was performed through the Energyplus software and verified by experimental data. On the basis of the results, applying the SS system in buildings can magnify the amount of heat obtained. This is a practical plan to assist in space heating in cold months. Moreover, natural night ventilation over the SS can reduce the cooling load during hot seasons. The results additionally indicate that the highest energy-saving for heating and cooling observed in January and July respectively. Lastly, the annual economic advantage of the SS system with respect to power conservation will be 14.3% accordingly the increased cost for installing the SS will be retrieved by 8 years generally.

Keywords: Building Energy Conservation; Energyplus; Solar Chimney; Sunspace; Terraced Rural Area

JEL Classifications: Q20, Q41, R11


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