Economic and Energy Analysis of Small Capacity Grid-connected Hybrid Photovoltaic-wind Systems in Mexico

Rafael Peña Gallardo, Adalberto Ospino Castro, Juan Segundo Ramírez, Aurelio Hernández Rodriguez, Eliana Noriega Angarita, Yecid Muñoz Maldonado


The integration of renewable energies in the electric power system, as a solution to the growing demand for electricity in developing countries, has become a vital issue, such is the case of Mexico. The purpose of this work is the assessment of the economic and energy feasibility of a residential house grid-connected hybrid PV-Wind system, in Mexico. The hybrid PV-Wind system design is based on the existing renewable energy resources and considering a typical load profile. Also, an economic analysis is presented based on the two schemes approved for the sale of the surplus of the energy generated in Mexico: net billing and net metering. The results obtained demonstrate the viability and profitability of the proposed small-size system. However, the results corroborate that government incentives are crucial to making the proposed system more attractive and affordable for residential users.

Keywords: Feasibility study, hybrid generation system, net billing, net metering, photovoltaic energy, wind energy.

JEL Classifications: Q2, Q42, Q5


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