Integration Potential in Energy Sector: Eurasian Economic Union Case

Angelina A. Kolomeytseva, Maria A. Maksakova


Using the potential of regional integration in different spheres may enhance the overall integration effect for the member states and contribute to more intensive modernization of the union economy. Due to historical conditions and a certain number of economic factors energy sector is one of the priority areas of cooperation for the Eurasian Economic Union countries. This study aims to assess the interconnection of the integration and energy Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) agendas, based on the theory and practice of regional economic and energy integration. The findings from the research illustrate how formation of a common energy space due to integration of resource, economic, scientific and technological potential, will contribute to the deepening of integration processes and improving the competitiveness of the EAEU countries in the foreign markets.

Keywords: Energy Sources, Eurasian Economic Union, Integration

JEL Classifications: F02, Q40


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