Using the LMDI Decomposition Approach to Analyze the Influencing Factors of Carbon Emissions in Tunisian Transportation Sector

Manel Daldoul, Ahlem Dakhlaoui


The transportation sector plays a key role in the economic and commercial development of Tunisia. However, it is an energy-intensive sector that is responsible for 25.3% of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. In this paper, we use the LMDI decomposition approach of CO2 emissions stemming from the transportation sector with its different modes (highways, railways, civil aviation and waterways). Our objective is to evaluate the contribution of each of the main factors responsible for these emissions, namely the energy efficiency, the structure and the level of development of the transportation sector. The empirical analysis of CO2 emissions data concerning this area for the period 1991-2016 shows that the rapid growth of these emissions is mainly due to the increase in the level of transport development in Tunisia with a particular predominance of road transportation. As for the transportation sector energy efficiency, it was shown that there is an inhibition of CO2 emissions.

Keywords: Transportation;  Carbon Emissions; LMDI; Factor Decomposition; Tunisia.

JEL Classifications: P28. Q43. Q54. Q56

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